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Gorgeous blog-driven website | MAVIO

Gorgeous blog-driven website

Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, publishing a blog, or running a business, MAVIO template is designed to inspire and focus on your content.

Sell anything and get paid effortlessly | MAVIO

Sell anything and get paid effortlessly

You can add services or products, give a brief description and get payments right away, through PayPal or Card. They are both available for your visitors. The payouts then are released to your PayPal account every week.

Admin of the future | MAVIO

Admin of the future

We tested most platforms, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and many others. There's no a simpler management platform. (BONUS: a pleasure to use)

Straightforward options to give you a personalised vibe, and make your website around your style.

Send invoices | MAVIO

Send invoices

Sometimes you might offer some paid services, and your clients might want to use card, or PayPal, or get an invoice from you. For this case, we prepared the Invoice system for you, which is a breeze to use. Send the link, and get the payment. It's that easy.

Personalised welcome email | MAVIO

Personalised welcome email

You have an awesome blog, and you visitors subscribe to it, by giving you their email. They want to be notified about your activity, your future posts, your announcements. Personalised welcome email is great way to welcome them right away and explain them what to expect.

Powerful email system | MAVIO

Powerful email system

We highly recommend using the full powerful of emails, by sending newsletter campaigns regularly. It's a very personalised approach, where you get your message seen to the most of your subscribers.

no configuration needed

All-in-one platform to grow your blog and setup monetisation channels.

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